Big Picture has scaled to over 130 schools in the US, Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands, primarily based in areas of high deprivation. We are interested in adding the UK to this list and are looking for bold and ambitious innovators in education to work with us.
Our 10 ideas for 21st Century Healthcare support the design and delivery of innovative services for people that are living with long term health conditions.
The Rising Academy Network is a start-up social enterprise seeking to improve the quality of education in Sierra Leone. Despite the ebola crisis, the team have been figuring out how to bring school to their students.
We are part of the consortium delivering the Department for Education's Innovation Programme which develops more effective ways of supporting vulnerable children.

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Press Release: The NHS Five Year Forward View

24th October 2014
Simon Stevens’ plan for the NHS, published this week, is clear, but is it sufficiently bold? The report recognises that incremental improvement is not enough for the NHS. The question is whether it...

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Planning the future of education in Rwanda I Bristol University News

22nd October 2014
Professor Leon Tikly is leading an international consortium, founded to support the Rwandan Ministry of Education in creating the conditions for new ideas and approaches to be introduced in the...