People Powered Health services build on the concept of co-production to improve the quality of life for patients. It has the potential to save the NHS £4.4bn annually.
REAL Projects is an innovative approach to teaching in which students design, plan and carry out projects based on real world issues, developing skills fit for the 21st century.
We are part of the consortium delivering the Department for Education's Innovation Programme which develops more effective ways of supporting vulnerable children.

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Better Endings - Innovation in End of Life Care

22nd May 2015
We are failing our dying. A study released this week by the Health Ombudsman reported on a stream of tragic cases where people’s suffering could have been avoided or lessened, and there are countless...

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Really Listening to You I Municipal Journal

5th March 2015
But how do we feel about being considered a statistic to be aggressively wooed every few years? And then to have our opinions second guessed during the intervening period?A period that is now set at...