There has been over five decades of research into scaling with impact. However, most of the scaling plans we see today are actually based on a set of assumptions, or myths...
We are part of the consortium delivering the Department for Education's Innovation Programme which develops more effective ways of supporting vulnerable children.
With the debate about full academisation of UK schools heating up and demand for more school places, we have a once in a generation opportunity to rethink education in the UK

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The future of our public services: from vision to reality

8th April 2016
Away from the resignations and political point-scoring that followed the recent budget, many local authorities are embracing new ways to secure quality outcomes for citizens against a backdrop of...

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Most Likely To Succeed - a contribution to the academisation debate

20th April 2016
Our education system was designed in 1893 - what are we going to do about it? This is the key question sparking debate around the world from America to Australia and beyond, courtesy of Most Likely...