REAL Projects is an innovative approach to teaching in which students design, plan and carry out projects based on real world issues, developing skills fit for the 21st century.
The Lambeth Living Well Collaborative is a group of service users, GPs, providers and commissioners dedicated to transforming Lambeth’s mental healthcare system. We are helping them to prove that co-production will work on a large scale and drastically improve outcomes for people with mental health problems.
There has been over five decades of research into scaling with impact. However, most of the scaling plans we see today are actually based on a set of assumptions, or myths...
We are part of the consortium delivering the Department for Education's Innovation Programme which develops more effective ways of supporting vulnerable children.

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"I don’t even know what community capacity building is anymore..."

2nd February 2016
“I don’t even know what community capacity building is anymore. What difference does it really make?”...a rhetorical question from a local councillor keen to understand how to make real the all-too-...

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Prototyping Change I Municipal Journal

10th June 2015
Comoodle is an online platform that facilitates the sharing of ‘stuff, skills and space’ by citizens and for the community, and forms part of the winning cohort of projects involved in Bloomberg...