REAL Projects is a new model of schooling developed by High Tech, a group of highly successful charter schools in San Diego, California. High Tech High see 97% of students go on to university, with 25% holding a degree in STEM subjects. If you'd like to work with High Tech High teachers get in touch.
Read our article in the MJ about what the Service Transformation Panel can learn from existing innovation work.
We have joined forces with Big Picture International and are looking to bring their model to the UK. Big Picture’s 67 schools in the USA (all of which are non-selective) have an overall graduation rate of 92% compared with around 66% nationally. If you're interested get in touch.

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We are the innovation unit for public services. As a not-for-profit social enterprise we're committed to using the power of innovation to solve social challenges. We have a strong track record of supporting leaders and organisations delivering public services to see and do things differently. They come to us with a problem and we empower them to achieve radically different solutions that offer better outcomes for lower costs.

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The Educators, Tony Little: Rigour - Shifting the Assessment Debate

29th August 2014
 As a radical innovator, of the eclectic selection of interviews on the compelling Radio 4 show ‘The Educators’, I thought I’d agree with the headmaster of Eton College, Tony Little, the least....

The Things That Matter Most

26th August 2014
We analysed, discussed, drafted, critiqued, and revised poem after poem for weeks. At last, the day had arrived when the students donned their best attire, and stayed late after school to say...
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