Working with patients to manage long-term conditions could save the NHS £4.4bn a year

Our People Powered Health project worked with sites across the UK to support and scale new models of care for peopl with long term conditions.

Long term conditions affect more than 15 million people in Engand, placing an increasingly large strain on the NHS, and estimated to account for £7 of every £10 spent on health. 

People Powered Health sought to address these issues through co-production, which acknowledges and harnessing the under-used assets inherent within our communities, the patients themselves. Instead of being the passive recipients of care, People Powered Health puts patients in the driving seat, recognising them as people with assets who can contribute to their own and other's care. Professionals use their clinical expertise to facilitate better health outcmoes both directly and through linking patients to wider support networks. 

Estimates suggest that if the PPH innovations were scaled up throughout the UK, they could save the NHS £4.4bn annually. 

The project was covered by the Guardian Healthcare Professionals Network.

You can read the full article, which was written by Halima Khan from Nesta, here.