Why Social Prescriptions are Just What the Doctor Ordered | Guardian Society

Written by Rachel Williams, this feature explores the 'More than Medicine' approach to healthcare as advocated in our People Powered Health learning products, in particular, the value of social prescriptions.

People Powered Health was a project undertaken in partnership with Nesta, in which we explored different approaches to tackling long term conditions through co-produced healthcare. 

We know that most long term conditions have social as well as medical causes, which means that in order to tackle them head on, we need solutions which offer more than just medical care. 

Social Prescriptions allow GPs to refer patients to activities which would benefit their health and wellbeing in a holistic way, such community groups, exercise classes and cookery clubs. 

Our People Powered Health explored the value that such social prescriptions could bring. We also researched patient and practitioner experiences of social prescriptions and found that, while 4/5 GPs think social prescriptions are a good idea, just 9% of patients have ever received one. 

You can read the full feature, which showcases one example of social prescribing in action in Newcastle, here. 

For an overview of People Powered Health and our learning products, see here.