'Social' antenatal care: benefits for midwives and mothers

‘Social’ innovations such as group appointments and networks benefit pregnant women and midwives and save money.

The M(ums)-Power project, funded by the Health Foundation, brought together researchers and designers from the Innovation Unit, a consultancy working across the public sector with UCL Partners, University College Hospital and Newham University Hospital, both of which are in London. The brief was to transform maternity services.

The aim of the project was to create services that empowered and supported women during their pregnancy while also reducing the cost. The project ran for 18 months until autumn last year. We now want to see the initiative working across the NHS.

Providing care in a group rather than a one-to-one setting can be challenging for maternity services; it goes against the gold standard of “continuity of care” and building one-to-one relationships. But, this initiative demonstrates, it works for mothers, clinicians and in delivering better value antenatal care.

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