The Future of Education

High youth unemployment, large numbers of disengaged learners, and inequality in both access and learning outcomes are persistent challenges to education systems around the world. 

We know that all young people can be successful in the 21st century, but only if we radically change how children learn, how their learning is assessed and how schools are organised.

We have launched School Design Lab which helps to design schools committed to delivering education that has purpose at its core, and encourages young people to embrace their passions.

To succeed, education has to be life changing. People’s lives reinforce as well as reflect disadvantage. To make a difference, education must connect with students and help them to change their lives.

Young people are capable of far more than our schools usually permit them to demonstrate. We know that it is possible to achieve astonishing success in the most unlikely of places.

Education of the future can and must be different. 

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