Scaling and Spreading Health Innovations

Health and social care services need to radically change to meet the challenges of the future:- an ageing population, a growing number of people living with long term conditions and increasing financial pressures. Innovation is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

At Innovation Unit we believe that radical innovation starts with people. We start with the needs, wants and aspirations of patients, communities and clinicians - and we have tried and tested methods for designing services and systems around these needs.

We mobilise patients, clinicians and managers to demand new ways of working and action - so change is sustained and driven both from the bottom and the top. We work with ambitious health and care organisations to help them to design services that will be adopted widely.

Health and social care services need to dramatically improve the ways they keep people healthy, provide quick, co-ordinated responses when they are unwell, and help them to recover. These new services need to be radically different, achieve significantly better outcomes, and lower costs.

They require whole systems that reaffirm their purpose as health and well-being, transform how they work, and support radical innovation. 

Our focus is not just on organisational structures, but the real design of services and systems, such as practice and culture. We focus on scaling and integrating proven innovations – taking them from the margins to the mainstream.