Radical Efficiency

The challenge

To succeed, public services have to be life changing. People’s lives reinforce as well as reflect disadvantage. To make a difference, public services have to connect with people and help them to change their lives. This is a high bar, but if services fall short, the consequences are serious.

Local public services face rising demand whilst resources are significantly reduced. This challenge cannot be met by increasing efficiencies alone, delivering for the public requires the transformation of these services.

There is a consensus that new solutions are required but little agreement as to how to get there. We believe that the answer to this is innovation.

Local public services are crucial for people’s well-being; creating support systems which work, tackling social isolation and giving children the best start in life are just a few of the ways in which local public services can be life changing. Innovation can enable the transformation local public services require.

Radical Efficiency

Radical Efficiency is just one way to transform public services. It helps distinguish between innovation that delivers 'more for less' of existing services and 'different, better, lower cost' services. It takes:

  • New Insights - new thinkers or other sources of knowledge (like new data) offering new perspectives on your challenge
  • New Customers - thinking afresh about who you are truly serving
  • New Suppliers - rethinking who might be best suited to deliver parts of a service
  • New Resources - the assets and tools deployed to make things happen, from buildings to people and technology

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