Scaling Health Models

The challenge

Health and social care services have gradually become too costly, complex and disconnected from those they serve. They need radical innovation that starts with people, constructing services that are more personal, social and helpful.

Health and care services need to dramatically improve the ways they keep people healthy, provide quick, co-ordinated responses when they are unwell, and help them to recover. These new services need to be radically different, achieve significantly better outcomes, and lower costs.

In turn they require whole systems that reaffirm their purpose as health and well-being, transform how they work, and support radical innovation. Developing these services and systems means new choices about how to allocate resources, relate to citizens and collaborate with staff.


From devolution in Greater Manchester to seven day working, there are large scale transformation projects happening across the country. There are 50 Vanguard sites are testing whole new models of care - from bringing healthcare into care homes, to moving specialists out of hospitals. As Simon Stevens has warned, we must not to 'simply let a thousand flowers bloom.' Rather, we need to take the most radical ideas to scale.

We have been working with some of the Vanguard sites as part of the NHS Accelerator Programme, as well as commissioners, decision makers and patients across the UK to scale and spread the tangible improvements in patient outcomes and experiences that new models of care bring. Our focus is focus not just on organisational structures but the real design of services and systems, such as practice and culture.

Learn more about our work in health and scaling here.