Chris Cotton

Senior Associate
Chris is a leadership consultant who has undertaken work for a wide range of clients including the Department of Education, the Innovation Unit, the National College for School Leadership, IQEA, CEA, the Design Council, Government Office Yorkshire and Humber, both local and diocesan authorities, primary and secondary schools and school networks.

As a consultant at NCSL he was a co-designer of the New Visions Programme for new headteachers and presented papers on this topic at ICSEI in 2003 and 2004. His other work for NCSL included the design of the Established Leaders and the Collaborative Leadership Programmes. Later he was part of the Network Learning Group based at Cranfield University and worked with networks of schools across the north of England. As a consultant for IQEA he worked on long term projects with primary and secondary schools in South Wales, Durham and Telford and with the Government Office Yorkshire and Humber on the Prevent agenda. He played a leading role in the development of coaching for school leaders as part of the 14-19 Education and Skills initiative.

Until recently Chris was the managing director of an educational services company, which incorporated a teacher recruitment and employment agency based in Yorkshire.  Previously he had taught in schools on Merseyside, in Monmouthshire, West Yorkshire and the Rhondda Valley, before he became principal of a large values-led 11-18 catholic comprehensive school in West Yorkshire. 

His previous work for the IU was in development of leadership learning tools as part of the Next Practice in System Leadership project including the Landing Pad a facilitated toolkit which enables constructive dialogue around 5 complex issues; context, action, purpose, leadership and governance. He is currently working with a number of schools developing project based Llearning as part of the Engaging Schools project.

His education interests and areas of particular expertise are in the fields of leadership, leadership learning design, school improvement, values and the professional development of teachers and school leaders.