David Jackson

David is one of our partners. He is one of our experts on education and leadership, and is involved in supporting the iZone New York and in a range of projects: the Global Education Leadership Program (GELP), Creative Councils, Engaging Schools and the partnership with Human Scale Education.

Until 2009, David was a Senior Associate and worked on projects that introduced new approaches to leadership and governance for school collaboratives, multi-service provision and locality working. David also led the development of our programmes which utilise learning from Next Practice innovation to design, with Local Authorities or school collaboratives, unique solutions to significant local challenges and aspirations.

David holds the unfailing belief that, through bold and radical innovation, public services (and education in particular) can achieve transformative outcomes for users (young people).

David began teaching in 1971. For 14 years, until 2000, he was headteacher of Sharnbrook Upper School and Community College, which was one of the country's most innovative and successful schools during his time there.

In 2000, he was appointed Director of Research and School Improvement at the National College of School Leadership (NCSL) - now the National College for Schools and Children's Services. In that role he oversaw the development of New Visions, now the national program for England's annual cohort of 4,000 new headteachers. In 2002 he became the Director of NCSL's Networked Learning Group and a Strategic Director of the College. David has taught on Leadership Masters programmes at the Universities of Cambridge and Nottingham, and on Cambridge's International MPhil programme in Educational Reform and Teacher Development.

David has a huge music library, including an eclectic collection of blues music.