Fan Sissoko

Senior Service Designer
Fan joined the Innovation Unit 4 years ago. She is passionate about empowering people who use public services to voice their stories and ideas, and to enable policy-makers to listen and design with them, rather than for them.

Fan has expertise in a range of service design methodologies, from conducting ethnographic research to facilitating community engagement and co-design processes. She uses her visual communication skills to make sense of complex ideas, and is an expert at communicating stories in engaging ways. Fan is currently leading a participatory storytelling project for the Lankelly Chase Foundation, aiming to bring to life the stories of people who face multiple disadvantages, including homelessness, addiction, mental illness and chronic poverty.

She has also recently led ethnographic research around food poverty in the Wirral, which is forming the basis of a borough-wide strategy to build a fairer and healthier local food system. Her work at the Innovation Unit has included leading community engagement activities as part of our work on Shaping A Healthier Future, to design new types of hospitals in london, producing ethnographic films to understand what good support looks like to users of mental health services in Lambeth, and mapping the employment services landscape in Southwark.

Before joining the Innovation Unit, Fan worked as a designer with PCC, an Irish communication agency working exclusively with progressive non-profit organisations. She also completed a MA in Design for Development at Kingston University, where she had the chance to explore how her creative skills can be applied to social and environmental challenges.