Gareth Wynne

Interim Head of Finance and Operations

Gareth has worked with Innovation Unit since 2002, when it was part of the former DfES, and he was responsible for operationalising our start-up when we were 'spun-out' of DfES as a not-for-profit social enterprise. 

Gareth was previously a Managing Consultant with Cap Gemini Ernst & Young where he worked with a diverse range of national and international organisations (including Boots, GlaxoSmithKline, Virgin Megastores and Last Mile Solutions - the precursor to Ocado) focusing on developing customer-centric solutions to address organisation / business needs. He has brought his experiences and insights from working in a wide range of other sectors to bear on the work and activities of the Innovation Unit. Based on his interest and experience in the retail sector he co-authored a book aimed at retail chief executives - Think Performance Enhancement Not Loss Prevention which was published in 2010.

He is Chair of Governors at The Smallberry Green Primary School, Member of the Institute of Business Consultancy, a PRINCE2TM Practitioner and a Fellow of the RSA.

Until October 2011, Gareth was also an Associate Director with Futurelab.

Interesting fact:

Gareth's research project, whilst studying for an MBA at Warwick, on how Board Directors of FTSE 200 companies are selected, prepared and developed was reported in The Financial Times and on Radio 4's Today Programme amongst others.