Matthew Horne

Head of New Projects
Matthew is Head of New Projects at Innovation Unit. He works with our partners to design and set up new innovation projects and ventures. Matthew is a leader, service designer, researcher and expert in public service reform.

Matthew has been a key architect of some of our flagship projects and programmes. He developed our Radical Efficiency programme - innovations that are radically different, deliver significantly better outcomes, and are significantly lower cost. He has designed our large scale RCT of REAL projects - an approach to teaching in secondary school, inspired by HIgh Tech High. He also led People Powered Health our programme in partnership with Nesta that applies coproduction to the management of long term health conditions, which demonstrated potential cost savings for the NHS of £5.5bn. He currently leads the support to projects taking part in the Children's Social Care Programme run by the DfE - Spring Consortium - a multi-million pound programme to revolutionise children's social care.

Matthew has led national innovation programmes for the NHS and local authorities. He has also designed services for and with older people and families with very young children. His research has covered education, early years, child poverty, prisons, offender management, and drug misuse. His public service reform work includes personalisation, coproduction, collaborative commissioning, community governance and growing successful innovations.

Before joining Innovation Unit Matthew worked in government at the Department for Education and Cabinet Office, and at the Design Council, Participle and Demos.