Nil Güzelgün

Researcher and Project Coordinator
Nil is a Researcher and Project Coordinator working across local public services, and health and social care.

She has experience in qualitative research, project management, and is an aspiring facilitator and service designer with keen interest in how social inequalities can be tackled tangibly and locally.

Nil currently works on the Department for Education’s Children’s Social Care Innovation Programme, a £100 million programme, which aims to radically improve children’s social care in England. Nil captures emerging insights arising from the 53 projects in relation to barriers to and enablers of innovation, which will be shared and fed back to policy leaders.

In partnership with the City & Hackney CCG, Nil supported the design and implementation of an innovation fund which will award £400,000 to a select number of finalists that come up with the best solutions to how vulnerable patients in the City and in Hackney can better navigate the healthcare system.

Nil also has some experience in prototyping working in partnership with BHR CCG, where she supported the development of a training for care workers which will enable them to systematically assess the wellbeing of their residents and communicate efficiently their observations with others.

Prior to joining the Innovation Unit, Nil worked as a research assistant at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research where she supported the evaluation of the Work Programme as well as conducted research on the experience of Bulgarian and Roman immigrants in the UK. Nil is fluent in four languages and graduated from Humboldt University in Berlin and the Middle East Technical University in Ankara.