Sandhya Sharma

Senior Service Designer

Sandhya is passionate about creating different and better public services that enable personal transformation and prompt large scale social change. With a background in visual communication and service design, she champions methods and processes that work with and for people to co-design solutions that truly reflect their needs and aspirations.

At the Innovation Unit Sandhya is co-leading a program of work aimed at developing innovative offers in the early learning space and supporting the continued development of a collaborative commissioning framework and culture change programme for Lambeth CCG.

Prior to the Innovation Unit Sandhya worked in a range of contexts from Australia’s first service design agency, an aged care NGO, a health-focused innovation consultancy and The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI). While at TACSI Sandhya worked on a range of co-design projects: from understanding how to enable great lives for older people; a peer to peer program (Weavers) that prevented carer burnout; enabling families stuck in the child protection system to thrive; and exploring how to enable change for urban Aboriginal families.