Sarah Gillinson

Managing Partner
Sarah leads Innovation Unit. She leads our work on local government, supporting innovation in local authorities. She also leads our Radical Efficiency work, delivering different, better, lower cost public services.

Sarah is responsible for and part of our team of Innovation Coaches, supporting six local authorities as part of NESTA’s Creative Councils programme.

Sarah led the development of our Radical Efficiency framework, which supports and challenges leaders to grow different, better, lower cost public services. Sarah worked in partnership with NESTA to develop the Transforming Early Years programme, which developed new service models in six areas across the UK. These models generated better outcomes for families and average cost savings of 25%. She coached the Bradford and Essex teams through the process.

Earlier this year she co-wrote a book for the Worldwide Innovation Summit on Education: Learning a Living; innovation in education for work. Sarah speaks regularly at national and international conferences and has been published widely on innovation and public services.

Prior to joining the Innovation Unit, Sarah was Director of Strategy for the New York Public Library (NYPL) system. Sarah has also been a senior researcher at Demos, where she focused on independent living, further education and innovation in public services.