Sonia Kneepkens

Service Designer
Sonia is a Service Designer working on projects across the different sectors at Innovation Unit. In her work she focuses on ethnographic research and storytelling.

Coming from a product design background she learned the value of creating products that people emotionally engage with. People’s personal narratives are the driving force behind her work and she is always looking for the most engaging and effective way to tell someone’s story. She is fascinated by how people are influenced by their surroundings and how these could be adapted to empower them and improve their lives.

Sonia is currently involved in finding new ways to communicate the lived experience of people facing severe and multiple disadvantage for the Lankelly Chase Foundation, and is working on improving the experience of dying, in end of life care services.

Sonia has mostly worked on projects around health and social care. She published a book that visualises the experience of people with cancer, for a hospital in the Netherlands, and has set up Health Chronicles - a narrative consultation room at a social housing estate in London, which helps people to visualise their health story by connecting physical complaints to daily life. Some recent projects she has worked on include: developing a cookbook by and for dialysis patients to expand their choice of recipes for Vital Arts, setting up new models of care for depression for Mersey Care NHS, and setting up a community initiative to improve the health of a small town in Illinois, by researching the changes needed in residents’ behaviour and the town’s environment, for DigitasLBi.