REAL Projects in the media

Over the last couple of months there's been a growing interest in Learning Through REAL Projects in the UK.

Here is some of the exciting media coverage about the trial in the last few weeks. 

The Guardian Education 

'For our next test: OECD to test maths, science, literacy and... collaborative problem solving'

Fran Abrams reports Stanley Park School, one of the pilots in the REAL Projects trial. Our Education Lead Louise Thomas comments on REAL Projects, the trial and what it means for UK education. 

The Guardian Teachers Network

John Bosselman 'Using project-based learning to engage students with politics'. 

John Bosselman 'From High Tech High to project based learning in the UK: My Teaching Story'.

Live Webchat. Project Based Learning: How can you make it work in your school?

TES Online 

'Project based learning has shed its 1970s look and is making a comeback'  Louise Thomas

How I Teach- Branch out with peer feedback. 

By Katie Aldan, from Stanley Park High, on why peercritique is such a transformative aspect of Learning Through REAL Projects. 

Creative Pages

The Road to Innovation Louise Thomas talks to Wendy Bristow about the trial.