Learning Frontiers

Learning Frontiers is a programme being carried out together with the Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL). It started in Autumn 2014 and is now working with schools across Australia.


The programme is founded on the research that deep engagement in learning has a long and lasting effect on students, with the potential to overcome the impact of social background and predict positive outcomes in adult life over and above academic performance. Yet many of the structures and practices of schools are not well suited to engaging young people in learning. So AITSL wanted to support teachers and school leaders to radically redesign their professional practice in ways that would more deeply engage all students.


Together with AITSL Innovation Unit committed to working with communities of schools and design partners (‘design hubs’) to develop and test a set of design principles for engaging learning. We are shaping opportunities and supports for schools to unite together around these principles and develop and implement bold new professional practices.


So far we have begun working with schools in two design hubs and are set to induct four more over the course of this year. Learning Frontiers has generated enormous enthusiasm amongst the teaching professions in Australia. The online conversations regularly trend on Twitter (see an example here); the engagement survey has been taken by thousands of teachers and students; and states and territories are embracing the principles of the program and are eager for their schools to get involved.


The first issue of Insight and Ideas generated by the programme is now available here. To keep up to date with developments please register your interest to receive the Learning Frontiers newsletter. Find out more here or watch this video of Valerie Hannon.