Long Term Health Conditions

People Powered Health supports the design and delivery of innovative services for people that are living with long term health conditions. People Powered Health services build on the concept of co-production to improve the quality of life for patients living with long term conditions and have the potential to save the NHS £4.4bn annually.

Long term conditions affect more than 15 million people in England. Whilst those living with long term health conditions do face challenges, they also have the capacity to manage their own health and lives much more, given the right support. Unfortunately, this is often not recognised.In addition to this, long term conditions are also placing an incredible strain on the NHS financially. They cost the NHS of billions of pounds annually, and it is estimated that LTCs account for £7 of every £10 spent on health and social care in this country. And over the next quarter of a century the number of people with long term conditions will rise by an estimated 23%.

Solutions to the problem need to be radical, changing culture as well as transforming practice. Structural changes like those outlined in the NHS reforms are not going to be enough.

We worked on a programme that aimed to solve these challenges. People Powered Health worked with sites around the UK to support and scale new models of care for those with LTCs that represent a fundamental shift in the role of patients and professionals. Instead of being passive recipients of care People Powered Health put patients in the driving seat, recognising them as people with assets who can contribute to their own and other’s care. Professionals use their clinical expertise to facilitate better health outcomes both directly and through linking patients to wider support networks. Read our guide to People Powered Health.

So what is different about People Powered Health?

People – the health care system mobilises people - family, friends, communities and peer networks, as assets to work alongside health and care professionals to support patients to live well with long term health conditions.

Powered – the power to live well with long term conditions is underpinned by a new relationship between people and health care professionals that is a partnership of equals. These relationships are trusting, purposeful and oriented to the needs of the individual and not the system.

Health – the health care system commissions approaches that achieve improved health and well-being outcomes for people living with long term health conditions. These outcomes encompass both physical and mental health and incorporate social as well as bio-medical indicators. The system also supports an integrated approach to health across the NHS, social care and public health.

When these elements work together the results are radical and transformative. People Powered Health solutions improve the quality of life for those living with LTCs and have the potential to deliver millions in annual savings for the NHS.

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