Social Prescribing: Making it Happen

Social prescribing is a way of linking primary care patients to sources of appropriate, non-clinical support in the community (Kinsella, 2015). This webinar explores how three different models of social prescribing work in practice. Our panelists are experts in asset based care from Bromley-by- Bow Centre, Wigan Community Link Workers and Ways to Wellness.

The hangout also marked the launch of the Asset Based Care Best Practice Guide that we have produced for the Greater Manchester Public Health Network. The guide proposes that an ‘asset based’ model of primary care will help to realise a different relationship between public services and the communities and people they support - one that taps into the existing skills and resources in people and places to reduce demand on primary and secondary health and care services.

It aims to be practical, highlighting examples of asset based approaches from both within Greater Manchester and beyond; informed by research with commissioners, GPs, the community and voluntary sector, public health professionals, patients and the general population. Each of our panelists for the hangout feature as case studies.

Click here to access the guide.