Transforming Education Systems Around the World

The Global Education Leaders’ Program (GELP) is a community of key education system leaders, policy-makers, thought-leaders and world-class consultants collaborating to transform education at local, national and international levels. The aim of these transformations is to equip every learner with the skills, expertise and knowledge to survive and thrive in the 21st century.

GELP is led and coordinated by Innovation Unit and sponsored and funded
by Cisco, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation the Ellen Koshland Family Fund
and Promethean.

At the heart of GELP’s vision is the fostering of new pedagogies, curricula and assessment methods so that every student can develop higher order capabilities.  But for this to be realised, appropriate technology, leadership, professional development, policies and governance also have to be in place. 

GELP has four objectives:

  • accelerate and sustain transformation efforts within members' local and national systems;

  • develop transformational capacity and personal efficacy in education system leaders;

  • advocate and refine the vision of 21st century teaching and learning; and

  • facilitate a global community of education leaders and change agents.

Each country or city team in GELP is supported through six monthly collaborative, extended workshops; on-site and remote consultancy support; cross-country working groups and webinars.

In addition to the core partner organizations, GELP has benefited from inputs from Harvard University, McKinsey & Co, Mythodrama and Hay Group as well as a number of leading educational academics.

The jurisdictions currently involved in GELP are: Australia and the state of Victoria; the provinces of British Columbia and Ontario in Canada; Chaoyang district in Beijing; Brazil; the Council of Chief State School Officers and the City of New York in the USA; England; Finland; India; New Zealand; and South Korea.