Leadership Coaching and Facilitation

We coach, challenge and support leaders to implement radical change

Our people support leaders to implement radical change having been there and done it. We provide critical friendship and coaching to leaders of innovation, and the support to make it happen. We provide connections to a knowledge base of innovation and leading practice from across the world as well as practical help and facilitation of key meetings, events and workshops.This consists of the following activities:

  • Coaching

Leading innovation is demanding and difficult. Supportive coaching from an innovation expert has been shown to be of significant value.

  • Critical friendship

Critical friendship is key to maintaining the aspirations of proposed innovation and ensuring radically better outcomes.

  • Change leadership

Strategic leaders need to diagnose and tackle multiple facets of complex programmes of change. They will find themselves surrounded by complexity and instability and need a change map.

  • Event design and facilitation

Mobilisation and engagement is critical to successful innovation. The design and facilitation of face-to- face activities is a key aspect of this component.

  • Network facilitation

Innovation needs its heroes, but it also needs highly facilitated networks and communities of supporters and champions who will help it manifest and scale.