Organisational Change and Capacity Building

We build the capability of our partners to innovate

Our work is sustained long after we have left. We help our partners to innovate purposefully and effectively. We help them to develop great innovation projects that benefit them and excite their staff. Crucially, we also help them to develop the people and capabilities they need to replicate their success. We help to build organisational cultures which generate innovation and in which the best innovations – but only the best – flourish. This consists of the following activities:

  • Diagnostic tools

Measuring an organisation’s innovation capacity helps to pinpoint priorities for development and provides a baseline from which to chart progress.

  • Spotting great innovations

In order for innovation to succeed, certain conditions need to be in place. Careful selection is needed to invest in the right people, places or ideas.

  • Bespoke innovation processes

It is easy to come up with new ideas, and hard to implement and scale them. A bespoke innovation process provides a disciplined framework that works with the grain of an organisation’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • Innovation academies

The best innovators draw on particular skills, behaviours and mind-sets. People can learn how to be great innovators, but it takes training, enthusiasm, practice and patience.

  • Innovation strategy

An innovation strategy is required to bring an innovation process to life. It harnesses an organisation’s structure and dynamics to help innovations to succeed.

  • Communication and engagement

Innovation can be destabilising and feel disruptive and risky. Consistent, clear messaging is critical to managing expectations and to generating and sustaining enthusiasm.


  • Showcase projects

‘Showcase’ projects help to make the case for innovation. Demonstrating the impact of innovation in practice is more convincing to most people than theory and strategy.