Scaling Innovation

We scale innovations

We help partners to shape the right strategy for growth, and we help it to succeed. We have scaled innovations through large research trials, organisational growth, innovative partnerships and through the creation of communities of practice, nationally and internationally. Alongside the right strategy, innovations require a compelling visions and evidence base. We have the researchers, designers and strategists to produce these and help innovations to reach their full potential. This consists of the following activities:

  • Scaling strategy

Without clear strategies for scale, innovations tend to stay locked at source, so that most people do not benefit from them.

  • Communities of practice

Complex challenges are rarely solved by a single person or burst of insight. They often require collaboration that unites different perspectives and expertise.

  • Mobilise demand

Too often change is mandated from ‘on-high’ and leaders ignore the power of citizens and users of services. But public pressure and action is often critical to achieving scale.

  • Policy and regulation

Even good innovations struggle in bad systems, but some systems are consistently innovative. Policy and regulation can make a difference, helping whole sectors and systems to innovate better.

  • Construct a business case

Innovation is not a luxury - it has to more than pay its way. Compelling evidence of the business case for innovation persuades others of its value.

  • Build an evidence base

A robust evidence base is essential to scaling an innovation within and between organisations.

  • Communication and engagement

You can’t spread new models and practices without comprehensive communication and engagement strategies.


  • Codify practice

Practical and engaging tools and products help people to adopt and adapt solutions to their local context.