Thought Leadership

Our thought leadership enables people to stimulate and scale innovation

We draw on our international network and the knowledge we generate through our work to provide thought leadership for radically different, better, lower-cost public services. Our thinking enables people to stimulate and scale innovation. It also shares powerful stories about how change happens, and conceptual tools to help people create change stories of their own. For us, the most powerful thought leadership is allied to the capability and commitment to make change happen for real.
This consists of the following activities:

  • Horizon scanning

Horizon scanning helps to challenge the way a problem is framed and people’s sense of what’s possible. It provides ideas and inspiration from the best innovators around the world.


  • Innovation research

It is vital for innovators to understand the current state of knowledge in their given field.

  • Storytelling

A promising story can feel like an explanation. People understand ‘how’ as a narrative, and providing one can make the difference in convincing them.

  • Policy recommendations

Policy helps create the conditions for innovation. If these conditions are wrong, even great innovations can struggle to grow and scale.


  • Conceptualising frameworks

Strong models and frameworks help stakeholders to ‘helicopter-up’ and see how systems or approaches connect and enable collaboration across complex systems.