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Our experts are thought leaders in their fields of expertise. They are the voice of what public services should look like, drawing on a wealth of experience and having access to a wide range of examples of the right and the wrong way to deliver public services. They work nationally and internationally.

We have detailed knowledge of the political landscape that surrounds the public sector, including central and local government systems, policy and political developments and the third sector and private sectors and their role in delivery. Unlike other organisations we also work directly with public servants themselves. Because we work on the frontline we can bridge the gap between higher level policy developments and what that means in practice for those delivering and using services.

We offer expertise in a wide range of public sector areas, from early years services and education, libraries, youth offending, to health and social care. Journalists come to us looking for:

  • Examples of interesting innovations, particularly those delivering different and unusual public services that are better and cheaper
  • Insight into public service trends, reform and political developments
  • The voice from frontline staff

If you're interested in speaking to one of our experts please contact the press office:

Peta Sweet

020 7250 8094

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